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Flood 1, 2012, 5 gallons of acrylic house paint, sprinkles, epoxy resin, plywood, h 6' x w 5' x d 3/4", installation view with Twisters (2012) in foreground

Artist Present

November 7–December 20, 2013

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 7, 6-8 pm

Pari Nadimi Gallery is pleased to announce a third solo exhibition by Winnipeg-based artist Jennifer Stillwell. 

Stillwell’s exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery presents an evolution of her process-based works. The inherent qualities of the materials and the found objects she works with often drive new content in her work.  Playful gestures address an item’s original intent and materiality but also physically transform it into thought-provoking results.

Where concepts of the prairies were still resonating in her work from last year in the sculptures Twisters and in the large-scale poured painting series Floods, the more recent work turns to her current experience of the west coast.  Her new sculpture, photographic and video work responds to space being a rarer commodity and communicates a physical reaction to her integration. Scales shift, energies transfer and forms grow out of these impressions.

Stillwell has exhibited widely over the past twelve years challenging a variety of contexts from the landscape to the post-industrial to the museum.  Her work has been exhibited at Plug In ICA, Winnipeg; Darling Foundry, Montreal; Triple Candie, New York; YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto; Oakville Galleries; Winnipeg Art Gallery; Art Gallery of Windsor, among many others. 

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