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Best Ensemble, Athens 2004 (2006)


May 19–July 14, 2007

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 19, 2007, 2–5pm

Pari Nadimi Gallery is pleased to announce the second exhibition of the gallery artist, Michael Euyung Oh. In this exhibition, Oh presents a series of multi-media works that examine the notion of the administrative arbitrariness inherent in making value judgments on both personal and cultural levels.

Best Ensemble (2006) is a single channel video projection made from the official video footage of the athletes’ procession from the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, 2004.In this video, the order in which the teams walk into the stadium is not alphabetical, as it was at the actual event, but re-edited according to the aesthetic preference for team uniforms and presentations as determined by Oh and two of his juridical collaborators (Dejan Dolacki and Sydney Vermont), with their favorite appearing first.

Another work in this exhibition is entitled The Legal Age of Sexual Consent(2006). It is a pocket-sized, traveler-friendly folding book that simply lists the legal ages of sexual consent around the world.

Also included in this exhibition are two single video installations entitled Mothers on the Run (2006) and Fathers on the Run (2006). Appropriating the public announcement video format, these videos show biological parents who lost their child custody after court arbitration and now wanted by police for child abduction.

Oh’s work has been exhibited internationally in London, Vienna, Geneva, Turin, and Seoul. Recent exhibitions and projects include Dysphorias, Palafukas, Turin, Italy (2007); I.D. Images of Identity, Art Gallery of Hamilton (2007); Anxiety of Influence, UCLA New Wright Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2006); Classified Materials: Accumulations, Archives, Artists, Vancouver Art Gallery (2005); Public 28: Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (2004); Parallax View, the Western Front, Vancouver (2003); Sphere, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver (2003); and About Time, Canadian Embassy Gallery, Washington, DC (2003).

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