Jessica Field

b. 1978




2008                  M.F.A. Open Media, Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

2001                  AOCAD Integrated Media, Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, Canada)

Selected Exhibitions


2020                  Pari Nadimi Gallery 

2018                  Art et Science, 8e Biennale Nationale de Sculpture Contemporaine (Trois Rivieres, Canada)


2017                  Durham Reach, Robert McLauglin Gallery (Oshawa, Canada)


2016                  Parabolic Constructs, Station Gallery (Whitby, Canada)


2013                  Et si les Robots Manageaient des pommes?, Maison des arts de Laval (Montreal, Canada)


2012                  Automata Silent Films, Meaford Museum (Meaford, Canada)

                          Thinking Machine, Electric Eclectics Festival (Meaford, Canada)


2011                  Parabolic Behaviours, Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa, Canada)

                          Common Pulse Festival, Durham Art Gallery (Durham, Canada)


2010                  Robotic Dreams, Kunsthaus Graz (Graz, Austria)

                          Robotic Dreams, Museum Tinguely (Basel, Switzerland)

                          Field Studies, Inter/Access (Toronto, Canada)


2009                  Field Studies, Oboro (Montreal, Canada)


2008                  Electrohype 5th Biennial, Malmo Konsthall Gallery (Malmo, Sweden)

                          Maladjusted Ecosystem, Optica (Montreal, Canada)


2007                  Les vases communicants e-art, Montreal Museum of Fine Art (Montreal, Canada)

                          Science in Art, UQAM Virtual Exhibition (Montreal, Canada)


2006                  Phantasmata, Station Gallery (Whitby, Canada)


2004                  Feedback, Inter/Access (Toronto, Canada)


Selected Artist Lectures


2012                  Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada


2008                  Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


2005                  Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

                          Societe des Arts Technologiques, Montreal, Canada

Grants and Residencies


2016                  Art Lab, Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa, Canada)


2012                  Digital Media Mid-Career Research Grant, Canada Council for the Arts


2011                  Common Pulse Festival, Durham Art Gallery (Durham, Canada)


2008                  Digital Media Mid-Career Artist Production Grant, Canada Council for the Arts


2006                  Research Grant, Social Science Humanities Research Council


2005                  Digital Media Emerging Artist Production Grant, Canada Council for the Arts


2004                  Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency, Artscape (Toronto, Canada)


2003                  Production Grant, Daniel Langlois Foundation of Arts, Sciences & Technologies




2010                  “Robotertraume”, Artinside, Summer 2010




2017                  “Durham Reach”, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Canada (2017)

2011                  “Parabolic Behaviours”, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Canada (2011)

2010                  “Robot Dreams”, Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland (2010)

                          “Art + Science Now”, Thames & Hudson, London, England (2010)

2008                  “Electrohype 2008”, Malmo Konsthall Gallery, Malmo, Sweden (2008)

2006                  “Robotic Immersive Environments and Artificial Life”, Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto,                                       Canada (2006)




2008                  Honourable Mention, Vida Life 11.0 (Madrid, Spain)


2005                  Concordia University Graduate 2-year Fellowship (Montreal, Canada)

                          Campaign for a New Millennium Graduate Scholarship (Montreal, Canada) 


2004                  Honourable Mention, Vida Life 7.0 (Madrid, Spain)


2000                  Optimist’s Award of Excellence (Ajax, Canada)

                          Women’s Art Association of Canada Scholarship (Toronto, Canada)

                          Solway Metal Sales Prize (Toronto, Canada)


1997                  McLaughlin Art Gallery Lander Scholarship (Oshawa, Canada)

                          Granite Press Award (Pickering, Canada)