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Open, 2008, Inkjet on canvas, 15” x 26” x 1.75”

Jacob Gleeson

November 29, 2008–January 24, 2009

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 29, 2-5 pm

Pari Nadimi Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Vancouver based artist Jacob Gleeson. 

This exhibition represents a continuation of Gleeson’s explorations into the conflated territories of art, economics and daily life. 

Through two and three-dimensional transfigurations of archetypal strategies found in street level retail advertising, security and hospitality, Gleeson draws out a dialogue between the retail store and the commercial gallery, the latter lending an inherently unique set of conditions for site-specific display and observation. 

In this exhibition, Gleeson reworks the conventional structures of material exchange, confusing the roles of browser, patron, shopper, collector, storekeeper and dealer. He utilizes the iconography and experiential phenomena of an overtly retail setting as a means to interrupt the relatively austere gallery environment.

Gleeson’s practice often addresses the incongruities of commercial exchange. In recent years he collaboratively developed three long-term projects in a former Vancouver-area corner store (St. George Marsh with Gareth Moore, STORAGE Gallery with Jesse Birch and Cornershop Projects with Kristina Podesva and Sophie Brodovich). By taking the context of the small community oriented business as a starting point for artistic interventions, Gleeson and his collaborators drew attention to the idiosyncrasies of larger economic systems.

Jacob Gleeson’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries both locally and internationally including; Belkin Satellite Gallery, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Western Front, TCB Gallery, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Helen Pitt Gallery, Open Space, as well as several publications including; Contemporary, Pyramid Power, Color Magazine and Vancouver Art & Economies published by Artspeak Gallery. 

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