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Lost Time IV, 2013, graphite, white pencil, photographic collage on cardboard collage, 12 x 13”

I Was Already Lost


May 8–June 29, 2013

Opening Reception:
Wednesday May 8, 6-9pm

Pari Nadimi Gallery presents the second solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed Italian duo artists Botto + Bruno. 

Known for their constructed photographic and video works which, at times, used as material for creating their large installtions, Botto + Bruno continue to be interested in investigating the revolts, wishes and dreams of teenagers who live in the immense suburbs of our planet.   

For their exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery, Botto+ Bruno present an installation of a large wallpaper, as the center piece of the exhibition, made out of A3 sized photocopies. The photocopies start with a text (a text cut up from Ballard’s Kingdom Come) and then develop into drawings and finally in black and white photography.  A number of small works with grey background and white framed, made of a drawing and a photo collage, are placed over the wallpaper. The installation also includes 3 large photographs. Every A3 and large photographs contains Botto + Bruno’s investigations of marginal places that are photographed, selected, archived, assembled, photocopied by the artists to make the final collage.   

The installation is a project that starts from a raw objective data and then becomes material for moulding.  It breaks up and rearranges itself to become a hint, the phantom of a landscape made of a horizon line reaches for the infinite, tries to get close to a musical score carrying the rhythm of its architectural fullness and emptiness, where nature and abandoned architectures meet and clash, memory and daily routine reactivate one another, the walking experience becomes part of the work.  

Botto + Bruno have been part of the prestigious international biennales such as: 49th Venice Biennale curated by Harald Szeemann titled “House where nobody lives” (2001).  8th Shanghai Biennale (2010).  Busan Biennale(Korea 2002). 

Their work has been exhibited, in numerous international art museums and public art galleries just to mention a few:  Wall’s place, MAMCO, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain (Genève, Switzerland), The Memory of a Meeting Place, New Museum (New York, USA), A hole into the water, MAMAC, Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain (Nice, France), Gran Torino, Frost Museum (Miami, USA), Italian video today: Double Identity, Macy Art Gallery, Columbia University (New York, USA), Parc du la Villette (Paris, France), IAC di Villeurbanne (Lyon, France), Borders & beyond,  Kunsthalle Helsinki (Helsinki), Misura italiana, Reina Sofia(Madrid, Spain), Le Printemps de septembre, Le Château d’eau, Espace écureuil (Toulouse, France), Italy, Kids riot, per l’Arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci di (Prato, Italy), Under my red sky,  Palazzo delle Esposizioni(Rome,Italy), Sharing passion, geografie della contemporaneità, Palazzo della Fortuna (Turin,Italy).  Botto + Bruno are the winners of the 2012 Madrid Photo prize. 

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