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George Legrady


b. 1950, Budapest, Hungary, lives and works in California, USA


Selected Solo Exhibitions/Installations

2020               Topologies of the Real, CAFA Art Museum (Beijing, China)

                           Photo London 2019 Art Fair, Inda Gallery, Art Market Budapest, (Budapest, Hungary)

2019                  Making Visible the Invisible: A Data-Driven Media Artwork, in Continuous Operation for 15                                          YearsSiggraph 2019 (Los Angeles, USA)

                     The Ising Model, VisAp'19 (Chengdu, China)

                          Photo London 2019 Art Fair, Inda Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)


2018                  The James Bay Cree in 1973, Art and Architecture Collection, UC Satan Barbara (CA, USA) 

2016                  Day & Night, Edward Cella Art+Architecture, (Los Angeles, CA)

                          We Are Stardust, in Infosphere, ZKM Center for Art & Media, (Karlsruhe, Germany)

                          AutoVision, in Fotofest Mannheim, Kunstverein, (Heidelberg, Germany)


2015                  Voice of Sysphus | Slice, , Chronus Art Center (Shanghai, China)

                          Imagining Macondo, , International book Fair (Bogota, Colombia)

                          George Legrady, Edward Cella Art+Architecture (Los Angeles, USA)


2014                  Swarm Vision, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Zayed University (Dubai, UAE)

                          Voice of Sisyphus, IEEE Vis Conference (Paris, France)


2013                  On the Road, Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, Canada)


2011/12             Refraction, Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


2009                  CHINA IN TRANSITION, Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte, Hanover, November - January 2009


2008/09             CHINA IN TRANSITION, Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte, Hanover, November


2006                  Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto

                          Algorithmic Visualizations, Telic Gallery, Los Angeles


2005                  Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War, Centre Gantner, Belfort, France

                          Pockets Full of Memories, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, UK


2004                  Algorithmic Visualizations, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

                          Pockets Full of Memories, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki


2002                  Chance Encounters, 7th & Metro Subway Station, Los Angeles Metro Rail Arts Commission, July                               2002-Jan 2003 Interactive Installation

                          Sensing Speaking Space, in the Activating the Medium Festival, San Francisco Museum of                                       Modern Art, (Interactive Installation)


2001                  Interactivités Pockets Full of Memories, Centre Georges Pompidou, Beaubourg, Paris (with Jean-                             Louis Boissier)

                          George Legrady New Media – Neue Medien, Galerie Klaus-Peter Goebel, Stuttgart


1999/00             Transitional Spaces Rotunde, Siemens Headquarters, Munich, Germany (Commissioned work for                             the opening of the newly designed Richard Meier Siemens Headquarters) Premier


1998                  Tracing, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California


1997/98             Tracing, Kunst und Austellunghalle der Bundes Republic, Bonn, Germany

                          George Legrady from Analogue to Digital, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada                                             (Anecdoted Archive) (Solo Retrospective Exhibition)

                          George Legrady from Analogue to Digital, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography,                                    Ottawa, (Slippery Traces - A two museum retrospective exhibition) Solo Retrospective Exhibition


1995                  George Legrady Interactive Media Art, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland, (Anecdoted                               Archive, [the clearing], Equivalents II) Solo exhibition of three installations


1992                  Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise, Watertoren, Hedendaagse Kunst, Vlissingen                             Solo Photography exhiibtion


1991                  Between East & West (1956 >>>>1989), YYZ Gallery, Toronto


1987                  From Noise to Signal, USC Atelier Gallery, Santa Monica


1986                  Posing & Studies for Monuments, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Solo Photography                                     exhibition)


1985                  George Legrady, Yajima Galerie, Montreal (Solo Photography exhibition)


1984                  Stock Footage, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla (Solo Photography exhibition)


1981                  George Legrady, Yajima Galerie, Montreal (Solo Photography exhibition)

                          George Legrady, PSI, (Projects Studios One) room 202, NYC (Solo Photography exhibition)

                          Floating Objects, London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario (Solo Photography exhibition)


1980                  Everyday Stories, Forest City Art Gallery, London Ontario (Solo Photography exhibition)


1976                  George Legrady/ Miklos Legrady, A Space Gallery, Toronto (Two solo exhibitions)


1973                  The Way of life of the Fort George Metis and Indians, in wake of the James Bay development                                     project, Baldwin Street Gallery, Toronto (Solo Photography exhibition)


Selected Group Exhibitions/Installations

2019               Stargazers: Contemporary Art & Astronomy, Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa, CA)

                          A Brilliant Spectrum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara, CA)

                     Framing Time, Denk Gallery, (Los Angeles, CA)


2017                  Datumsoria, ZKM, curated by Zhang Ga (Karlsruhe, Germany), September 2017 - January, 2018

                          Sonifying Visuals/Visualizing Sound, Currents New Media 2017, curated by Yoon C Han. ,El Museo                           Cultural de Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM)           


2016                  Shift, Stretch, Expand, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

                          The Language of Perpetual Conditions, Cal State LA Fine Art Gallery, (Los Angeles, CA)

                          Sonifying Visuals and Visualizing Sound, Cal FOCA Curators Lab, (Los Angeles, CA)


2015                  Slice, Living Computer Museum, (Seattle, WA)

                          Constructions, Edward Cella Art + Architecture, (Los Angeles, CA)


2014                  Clocks for Seeing: Photography, Time and Motion, National Gallery of Canada, (Ottawa)

                          Voice of Sisyphus, IEEE Vis Conference, (Paris, France)

                          Swarm Vision, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Zayed University, (Dubai)


2013                  "Swarm Vision," CMC Gallery, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

                          “Swarm Vision” in Drone: The Automated Image, exhibition, curated by Paul Wombell, Le Mois de                             la Photo à Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

                          Algorithmic Visualizations and Making Visible the Invisible – Korea in Data Curation, exhibition,                                 Curated by Jeungmin Noe, Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea)

                          “Swarm Vision” in XYZN: Scale, exhibition, curated by Victoria Szabo, Siggraph 2013 (Anaheim,                               California, USA)

2012/13             Illuminati, exhibition, curated by Alice Gray Stites, 21c Museum/Hotel (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)


2012                  STAGE PRESENECE Theatricality in Art and Media, SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern                              Art (USA)


2011                  Cell Tango in Spread, exhibition, curated by Off-Space, SOMArts, San Francisco, USA


2010                  Cell Tango, Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland


2010                  Cell Tango, featured artwork ar the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA, USA


2008/09             OBSERVE, Exhibition in conjunction with NASA Spitzer Center, Williamson Gallery, Art Center                                    college of Design, Pasadena


2008                  Drifting, Slowly, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto

                          Institute of the Electronic Image in Poitiers, France


2007                  Made in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Museum of Art

                          Speculative Data, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC

                          Pockets Full of Memories, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan


2006                  Global Collaborative Visual Archive, Premiere at International Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA), San                           Jose

                          Code Blue, 3rd Beijing International New Media Festival Exhibition and Conference (Curated by                               Tim Druckrey, Zhang Ga), Beijing, China

                          Pockets Full of Memories, Frankfurt Museum of Communication (Summer 2006)

                          Sensing Speaking Space, Blackbox 06 invitational (Curated by Christiane Paul), ARCO Art Fair,                                Madrid


2005                  “Library” (with Candida Höfer, Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, Buzz Spector, Rachel Whiteread,                                 and others), Contemporary Art Galleries, University of Connecticut, Storrs (installation)

                          Slippery Traces in “Database Imaginary”, http //, University of Toronto.

                          “Making Visible the Invisible” . Whitney Museum Artport online exhibition


2004                  Slippery Traces in “Database Imaginary” exhibition curated by Steve Dietz, Sarah Cooke, Anthony                            Kiendl, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan (Initiated at Banff Centre for the Arts).                                           Interactive installation in group exhibition

                          Slippery Traces in “Database Imaginary” exhibition on databases curated by Steve Dietz, Sarah                               Cooke, Anthony Kiendl. Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts. Interactive installation in                              group exhibition

                          Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War in “Contact Zones The Art of CD-Rom”. New World Gallery,                             Sag Harbor.


2003                  Pockets Full of Memories in “Aura, After the Age of Technical Reproduction”. c3 center for culture                             and communication, Budapest. Installation in international exhibition

                          Pockets Full of Memories (Honorable mention selection). Ars Electronica Media Festival, OK                                     Centrum Museum gallery, Linz Austria. Installation in International Media Festival exhibition

                          Pockets Full of Memories, in “Information Is Alive” Festival exhibition. DEAF 03, Dutch Electronic                               Arts Festival, Rotterdam. Installation in International Media Festival exhibition


2002                  Sans commune mesure, image et texte dans l’art actuel, Le Fresnoy, Studio National des arts                                   contemporains, Tourcoing, France (Slippery Traces) CD-ROM exhibition

                          ISEA International Society of Electronic Arts Annual Conference exhibition, Nagoya, Japan                                        (Sensing Speaking Space) Interactive installation

                          Future Cinema, ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe (Slippery Traces - overview of new digital, non-linear                                   cinema artworks) Interactive installation


2000                  Beyond the Screen/Au dela de l’écran Des souvenirs plein les poches/Pockets Full of Memories,                               Ecole Nationale de Beaux-Arts, Paris, France (ISEA International Conference Exhibition)


1999                  Interactive Frictions – University of Southern California, Los Angeles Interactive installation

                          Contact Zones, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (Anecdoted Archive) CD-ROM Exhibition


1998-00             Deep Storage, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Neue National Galerie, Berlin (Nov.), Kunstmuseum,                                     Dusseldorf (Feb.) PS 1, New York (July), Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (Slippery Traces in a major                                   international travelling exhibition) Interactive installation


1998                  Anticipation – Version 4.0 Center d’art contemporain, Saint-Gervais, Geneva, Switzerland (Sense                              of Place) Premiere Interactive Installation

                          1998 VERBINDINGEN/JONCTIONS, 3 exhibitions Palais des beaux-arts de Bruxelles, Brussels,                                Belgium (Anecdoted Archive in conjunction with Chris Marker) Interactive Installation


1997                  Selected Memories, Palais des beaux-arts de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium (Slippery Traces)                                     Interactive Installation

                          Dawn of the Magicians, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (Slippery Traces) (no                                             documentation) Interactive Installation


1996/98             CD-ROM Burning the Interface, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Australia (Anecdoted                                     Archive) A traveling exhibition on state-of-the-art CD-ROM’s artworks


1996                  The Butterfly Effect, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Mucsarnok Museum of Fine Arts,                                          Budapest, Hungary (Slippery Traces) Interactive Installation

                          Equivalents II, Open Space Gallery, Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco, California (Solo                                           installation)

                          Osnabruck European Media Festival, Osnabruck, Germany (Slippery Traces) Interactive                                           Installation

                          Everybody’s Talking (6 installations) Gemeente Museum Helmond, Helmond, Netherlands                                         (Anecdoted Archive) Interactive Installation

                          Das digital Wort, Word Up Festival, Vienna, Austria ([the clearing]) CD-ROM installation

                          Can it Digit? Postmasters Gallery, New York City ([the clearing]) CD-ROM installation


1995/97             Photography After Photography Siemens Kultur Programm, Munich Germany (Equivalents II                                      installation with catalog text) Interactive Installation

1995/96             3rd Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France (Slippery Traces - major retrospective of                                  digital media art) Interactive Installation


1995                  V2 DEAF Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands (Anecdoted Archive) Conference exhibition

                          The 6th Fukui International Video Biennale, Fukui, Japan ([the clearing]) (no documentation) CD-                              ROM Exhibition

                          Obsessions from Wunderkammer to Cyberspace, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, Netherlands                             (Anecdoted Archive) Interactive Installation

                          International VideoFest, Berlin Video Festival, Berlin, ([the clearing])

                          International Society of Electronic Arts 1995, Montreal, Quebec (Slippery Traces) (online                                            documentation http // Premiere Interactive Installation

                          ARC Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles, California (Anecdoted Archive) Interactive                                            Installation


1994                  New Langton Arts Gallery, San Francisco, California ([the clearing]) Premiere Interactive                                            Installation

                          Les Hypermedias revue virtuelle 12, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris France (Anecdoted Archive)                           CD-ROM kiosk installation

                          ISEA’94, Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki Finland (Anecdoted Archive) (www print-                             out - no documentation) Conference Installation

                          Fifteen Years of Ars Electronica Ars Electronica ’94, Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria (Anecdoted                                  Archive) Interactive Installation

                          Artifices 3, Salle de la Legion d’Honneur, Mairie de Saint-Denis, Paris France (Anecdoted Archive)                           Interactive Installation


1993/94             Iterations The Digital Image, International Center for Photography, New York City (Equivalents II –                              traveling to Memorial Arts Gallery, Rochester, New York) Premier Interactive Installation


1993                  In/Out of the Cold, Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, California (Premiere                             of the Anecdoted Archive in the inaugural exhibition for the Center) Interactive Installation


1990                  Official Language, San Francisco Art Institute Group Exhibition

                          Enigmatic Light, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Los Angeles Group Exhibition


1989                  The Technological Imagination, Minneapolis college of Art & Design Group Exhibition

                          The Photography of Invention American Pictures of the 1980’s, National Museum of American Art,                             Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC (traveling to Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,                                    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) Travelling Group Exhibition

                          Fotografie, Wissenshaft und Neue Medien, Kunstmuseum, Düsseldorf Group Exhibition


1988                  The Posing Series, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Montreal Group                                               Photography exhibition

                          Digital Photography Captured Images, Volatile Memory, New Montage, San Francisco                                               Cameraworks Gallery (Group exhibition travelling to CRCA, University of Texas, Arlington, Houston                           Center of Photography, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Museet fur Fotokunst,                                Odense, Denmark) Travelling Group Exhibition


1987                  Cultural Identities, LACPS, Los Angeles (Photography exhibition)


1985                  Images Fabriquées, Yajima Galerie, Montreal (Photography exhibition)


1984                  Situational Photography, San Diego State University (Photography exhibition)

                          New Works, Delahunty Gallery, Dallas (Photography exhibition)

                          Allocations, 49th Parallel Gallery, New York (Photography exhibition)


1983                  Images Fabriquées, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris Group Travelling exhibition


1982                  Beyond Photography, The Fabricated Image, Delahunty Gallery, New York (Photography                                           exhibition)


1978                  San Francisco Associates, Optica Gallery, Montreal (Photography exhibition)


1976                  West Coast Conceptual Photographers, La Mamelle Art Center, San Francisco (Photography                                     exhibition)




       Centre for Art and Technology, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany (2016)

       21c museum, Cincinnati, U.S.A. (2012)

       Irmas Foundation, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (2011)

       Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Vernon Photo Collection Acquisition, Los Angeles, U.S.A.                (2009)

       D.E.Shaw & Co Consulting, NYC, U.S.A. (2008)

       Corporate Executive Board, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A. (2008)

       Pro Ahlers Arte Foundation, Hanover, Germany (2008)

       Los Angeles MTA Metro Rail Santa Monica/Vermont Station, Los Angeles, U.S.A.(2006)

       Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, U.S.A. (2005)

       Seattle Public Library, Seattle, U.S.A. (2005)

       Centre for Art and Technology, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany (1996)

       Centre Pompidou musée d'art moderne, Paris, France (1992)

       Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Canada (1990)

       American Museum of Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC, U.S.A (1987)

       National Galleries of Canada, Ottawa, Canada (1986)

       Musée d'art contemporain, Montreal, Canada (1984)

       London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario, Canada (1980)


Public Arts and Other Commissions


2005-2006         Kinetic Flow, LA MetroRail, LA


2003-2005         Making the Invisible Visible, Seattle Public Library, Seattle


2002                  Chance Encounters, LA MetroRail, LA


2001                  Pockets Full of Memories, Centre Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris


2000                  Eternal Summer, Ebner, Stolz Associates, Stuttgart


1999                  Transitional Spaces, Siemens Kultur Programm, Munich


1997                  Tracing, Kunst und AustellungHalle, Bonn


Authored Publications (Articles, artist’s books and digital works)


2006                  From Data to Its Organizing Structure, George Legrady, in “Distributed Networks”, edited by                                     Therese Thierny, Anthony Burke, Princeton Architectural Press, 2007 (forthcoming)

                          Des Souvenirs pleins les poches: l’installation d’un musée interactif, George Legrady, in “L’art, a-t-                           il besoin du numérique? edited by Jean-Pierre Balpe, Manuela de barros, Editions Hermes,                                       Lavoisier, Paris, 2006

                          Perspectives on Collaborative Research and Education in Media Arts, George Legrady.                                             LEONARDO Vol. 39:3 (2006), MIT Press. Article in refereed Journal

                          The Photographic Image Mathematically Modeled, (article with visual portfolio). VU Fine Arts                                     Editions, Quebec. Media Arts academic journal


2005 Sep           Making Visible the Invisible, http // (Bibliotheque National Conference, Paris).                                     Conference Proceedings


2004 Jul             Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Digital Media Arts A Psychological Perspective on the Production                           Process, Dr. Brigitte Steinheider, George Legrady. LEONARDO Vol. 37, No. 4 (2004), MIT Press.                               Article in refereed Journal


2003                  Slippery Traces in “Future Cinema, “Slippery Traces”. ZKM (Center for Media Art Museum), MIT                                Press. Authored article in exhibition catalog


2002                  “The Dynamics of Real and Virtual Space Audience Dialogue” in New Screen Media. Edited by                                 Martin Rieser, Andrea Zapp, British Film Institute, London. Article

                          “Slippery Traces” in the complete artintact vols. 1-5 1994-1999. ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe.                                          Interactive DVD

                          “Intersecting the Virtual and the Real in New Screen Media. Edited by Martin Reiser, Andrea Zapp,                           British Film Institute. Article in book

                          “A Sense of Place” in New Screen Media. Edited by Martin Reiser, Andrea Zapp, British Film                                     Institute. DVD

                          “Pockets Full of Memories” in Visual Communication. vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 163-169(7) Sage                                             Publications Inc., London, Thousand Oaks. Article


2001                  “Realizing a Digital Media Installations Problems and Synergetic Effects of an Interdisciplinary                                   Collaboration”, Dr. Brigitte Steinheider, G.Legrady. Proceedings “Multimedia Technology &                                         Applications Conference”, MTAC 2001, UCI, November 7-9, 2001, IEEE. Conference Proceeding

                          “Narrative & Interactivity” in Gegenwarts-Bildung/Present Formations. Ed. H.von Amelunxen, Antje                           Krause-Wahl, Muthesius-Hochschule, Kiel. Article in book, and CD-ROM

                          “Modular Structure and Image/ Text Sequences Comics and Interactive Media”. Comix Culture,                                 Department of Romance languages, University of Copenhagen . Article in Conference book


2000                  Wide Angle, Vol 21, no 1 John Hopkins Press. Article in refereed journal

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1998                  Videonale 8. Bonn Videonale. Proceedings

                          “George Legrady: From Analogue to Digital”. National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of                                Contemporary Photography. CD-ROM exh. catalog


1996                  “Slippery Traces”. ArtintAct 3 ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany (edited, J.Shaw). CD-ROM

                          “Slippery Traces: The Postcard Trail”. ArtinAct 3 ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany (edited, J.Shaw).                                       Article in book/cd-rom


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1994                  “An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War”. HyperReal Media Productions, Budapest and San                                 Francisco. CD-ROM

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1980                  “Floating Objects”, London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario. Artist book

                          “Everyday Stories”, Artist book


Exhibition Catalogues

2007                  V2_Unstable Media, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Exhibition Catalog

                          Made in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Exhibition Catalog


2006                  Code Blue, 3rd Beijing International New Media Festival Exhibition and Conference, Beijing, China,                           Exhibition Catalog

                          ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Exhibition Catalog


2005                  Algorithmic Visualizations. Philbrook Museum of Art, Exhibition brochure


2003                  Information Is Alive. DEAF 03, Rotterdam. Conference Catalog

                          Future Cinema. ZKM Museum for Technology, Karlsruhe, Exhibition Catalog


2002                  Sans commune mesure, image et texte dans l’art actuel. Le Fresnoy, Studio National des arts                                   contemporains, Tourcoing, France. Exhibition Catalog


1999                  Transitional Spaces, edited with interview by Matthias Winzen. Siemens Kultur program, Munich.                               Exhibition Catalog

                          Interactive Frictions, edited by Marsha Kinder, Holly Willis. University of Southern California, Los                               Angeles. Exhibition Catalog


1998                  The Butterfly Effect. Center for Culture & Communications, (Soros Center for Contemporary Arts),                             Budapest. Exhibition Catalog, cd-rom

                          La Coscienza Luccicante. Gangemi Editore, Rome Italy. Exhibition Catalog

                          <COMPACTS> station Arts Electroniques. Université Rennes, France. Exhibition Catalog


1997                  Lab 6, International Multimedia Exhibition. Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.                                           Proceedings/ exh Catalog

                          Hardware, Software, Artware. Institut fur Bildmedien, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Catalog

                          Hardware, Software, Artware. Institut fur Bildmedien, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. CD-ROM/catalog

                          Deep Storage. Siemens Kultur Program, Prestel, Berlin. Exhibition Catalog

                          Actualité du virtuel/Virtual Today, Edited by JL Boissier, M. Moinot, C.V. Assche. Revue Virtuelle,                                Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. CD_ROM Catalog


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                          George Legrady, Slippery Traces . Osnabruck European Media Festival, Osnabruck, Germany.                                 Festival Catalog

                          Everybody’s Talking. Gemeente Museum Helmond, Helmond, Netherlands. Exhibition Catalog

                          CD-ROM Burning the Interface. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. Exhibition                                       Catalog


1995/96             3rd Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France. Lyon Musée d’art contemporain. CD-ROM +                           book


1995                  Photography After, Photography, and an article “Language & Belief in Synthesis”. Siemens Kultur                             Programm, Munich, Germany. Exhibition Catalog

                          Interactive Media ARC Festival, Los Angeles. Sponsored by Motorola Company. Exhibition Catalog

                          George Legrady Interactive Media Art, Intro. By Erkki Huhtamo . Rovaniemi Art Museum,                                           Rovaniemi, Finland. Exhibition Catalog

                          DO NOT ENTER New Voices, New Visions, 1994 Winning Entries. Voyager Co., New York. CD-                                  ROM


1994                  Prix Ars Electronica ’94, ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Linz, Austria. Ars electronica,                                 Linz. Festival Catalog

                          Iterations, The New Image. MIT Press. Exhibition Catalog

                          Artifices 3, Saint-Denis, France. Edited by Anne-Marie Duguet, Jean-Louis Boissier. Préfecture de                             la ville de Saint-Denis. Exhibition Catalog

                          ISEA ’94, Symposium Catalog, Helsinki Finland (online documentation http //www.isea-                                     ISEA. Proceedings


1993                  Teleskulptur. Kulturdata, ed. R. Kriescher, Graz, Austria. Conference Catalog


1992                  Virtual Seminar on the Bioapparatus, . Banff Centre for the Arts. Conference Catalog

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1989                  The photography of Invention, Joshua Smith. MIT Press. Exhibition Catalog


1988                  Prix Ars Electronica – Meisterwerke der Computerkunst. Ars Electronica, Linz. Festival Catalog

                          Digital Photography Captured Images, Volatile Memory, New Montage, Jim Pomeroy, Tim                                           Druckrey, Marnie Gillett. San Francisco Cameraworks.


Exhibition Catalog Interviews


2005                  The Art of Mapping Statistics, Roberto Simanowski,                                     Legrady.htm


2002                  Conversations Around the Archive Sven Spieker, http // On-line Journal


2001                  Art During Wartime Is it Dead? Tulsa Kinney. Coagula, Los Angeles. Journal


1995                  Interview by Erszebet Komar, (A critical film theory journal). Film Kultura, Budapest. Journal

                          Interview with George Legrady by Geert Lovink. Mediamatic.

                          1995 Feb.

                          Interview by Kati Timar (Interview with an art historian Budapest’s major theoretical art journal).                                 Balkon 1/95 Art journal, Budapest. Journal


1994                  Interview, Under the Sign of Pi (On interactive, technological media art – no documentation). TV                                Ostankino Television Co., Moscow. TV

                          MediaMix (Interviewed during the Media Forum. Conference in Budapest, special program on                                   technology – no documentation). Channel 2, Hungarian National Television, Budapest. YV


Selected Bibliography


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Grants and Awards

2019                  Graham Foundation Advanced Studies in Fine Arts publication award


2016                  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship


2006                  Numerous University of California Specialty awards to fund the ACM Multimedia Arts Exhibition


2005                  UCSB Faculty Senate Research Grant


2002/03/05        Creative Capital Foundation. Sensing Speaking Space


2002                  UCSB Research Across Disciplines, Office of Research. Digital Science, Art & Culture

                          National Science Foundation IGERT Educational Grant. Digital Multimedia Graduate Training                                     Program in Interactive Digital Multimedia

                          UCSB Research Across Disciplines, Office of Research. Human Body Tracking As Interface For                                Interactive Installations

                          UCSB Faculty Senate Senate grant. Pockets Full of Memories


2001                  Centre Pompidou exhibition production honorarium. Pockets Full of Memories

                          Langlois Foundation for Art, Science & Technology Fellowship. Pockets Full of Memories


1998                  C3 Media Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest. 2 month Artist residency program                                 and exhibition


1997/98             Canada Council Computer-Aided Media Award. Production for “Tracing”, an interactive digital                                   installation


1997                  Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Artist residency program for the production of the National                              Gallery of Canada cd-rom catalog

                          I.D. Magazine, New York (Excellence award Artintact 3, ZKM, CD-ROM)


1996                  Artslink, National Endowment for the Arts Award. CD-ROM project on Hungarian Stalin Era                                        newsreels with Balasz Varga, at the Hungarian Film Institute, Budapest


1995                  Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles (ARC Award Nomination and Exhibition).


1994/95             Canada Council Computer-Aided Media Award. Research and production of Slippery Traces


1994                  National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Arts Fellowship. To support artistic activities in interactive                             media

                          Competition Grand Prize Award, Voyager Company, Wired magazine, Interval Research                                             Corporation. New Voices, New Visions

                          Ars Electronica ’94 Festival, Linz, Austria. Honorable Mention, Digital Media Category


1993                  WESTAF National Endowment for the Arts (Regional Fellowship in Photography). Development                                  research for [the clearing]


1992/93             Canada Council Computer-Aided Media Award. For implementation of the 2D midpoint synthesis                             algorithm for the Equivalents II project


1991                  Canada Council Project Grant


1988/89             Canada Council Arts Fellowship Award (Paris studio fellowship & research work in digital media).                             Paris studio cultural exchange program


1988                  Ars Electronica ’88 Festival, Linz. Honorable Mention, Digital Media Category


                          Numerous Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Grants


Academic Appointments


2000-                 University of California, Santa Barbara, joint appointment, Media Arts & Technology doctoral                                                      program & Department of Art, Head of the Visual/Spatial Arts area


1998                  UCLA School of Art, Design, Architecture, Visiting Faculty in media arts


1996-2000         Merz Akademie, Institute of Visual Communication, Stuttgart, Germany Head of the Interactive                                                  media program


1995                  San Francisco State University, Sabbatical leave


1994                  Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Faculty in digital media


1989-1997         San Francisco State University, Faculty in digital media


1988-1989         Canada Council Paris Studio, Paris, France, Independent Research


1984-1988         University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Faculty in photography


1983                  UCLA School of Art, Design, Architecture, Visiting Faculty in photography


1982-1984         California Institute of the Arts, Visiting Faculty in photography


1981-1982         University of California, San Diego, Independent Research


1979 Sum          Nova Scotia College of Art & design, Visiting faculty in photography


1978-1981         University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Head of photography area


1977 Sum          North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, Visiting faculty in photography




1974-76             Masters of Fine Art, San Francisco Art Institute, Visual Arts


1973                  Undergraduate studies, Goddard College, Vermont, Visual Anthropology


1968-70             Undergraduate studies, Loyola College, Montreal, English Literature

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