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Performance and installation view at Pari 


February 5–March 7, 2009

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 5, 5-8 pm Performance: 6-8 pm

Pari Nadimi Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of performance and installation by trans-disciplinary artist + witch doctor Michael Dudeck, born1984 in Winnipeg, Canada.  The exhibition is a polyphonic multi-layered hybrid, merging sound, sculpture, drawing, and performance in an installation exposing the battleground between archaic dualities. A performance by the artist on the evening of Thursday, February 5 (performance from 6 to 8pm) activates the gallery as temenos or ritual precinct.

The paradox of Nature’s inherent capacity to structure + organize against it’s strangling capacity to smother and destroy pose the underlying dialogue of this work. The interweaving of disparate media creates the necessary tension to invoke the ruthless and the sanctified.  Therianthropic effigies of skins, mutilated and adorned mannequins in kabbalistic sequence, and cocoons of bone and hockey tape engage in ritual intercourse throughout the space.  A haunting and ethereal soundscore by Robert Taite marks the aural periphery for performance by the artist. The environment is an internal wasteland drowning in it’s own implosion.

Over the past year, Michael Dudeck has received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Manitoba School of Art, performed and exhibited in AA Bronson’s School for Young Shamans in New York City, and performed his epic performance intensive The Entia at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Village Voice and Frieze Magazine.  Dudeck’s work has been performed in a number of exhibitions during and outside of his experience in the art school. He has received awards from the Millenium Foundation, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, The Winnipeg and the Manitoba Arts Councils. He is a Millennium Scholar, and the recipient of the Gold Medal for Highest Standing Student in the School of Art and Highest Standing in Fine Arts Thesis from the University of Manitoba. 

Art Metropol will launch Dudeck’s first artist book on Saturday February.7, 2009, 1-3pm.


The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts council.

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