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Grand Central Terminal, 2014, Single channel video (still), Duration: 107 minutes

Quotidian Trajectories


April 10–May 24, 2014

Pari Nadimi Gallery is pleased to present Quotidian Trajectories, a solo exhibition by Toronto-based artist Tori Foster. 

Quotidian Trajectories is an exploration of the spaces that we contemplate rarely, but navigate daily. In this exhibition Foster observes, mediates, and reveals the richness of information inherent in the subways, freeways, and city streets that we utilize as conduits but neglect as sources of elegant poetry.

Quotidian Trajectories brings together four diverse works created by Foster. Included are: Cadence (2014), a kinetic installation illustrating the emergent behaviour of vehicles in motion; Continuous New York (2012), a multi-channel video installation that collapses the streetscapes of New York into an imposing 40-foot long, 75-part panoramic composite; Downtown (2014), a collection of 8-foot wide slit-scan photographs of Toronto’s 14 downtown subway stations; and Grand Central Terminal (2014), a single-channel video that separates the stationary from the ambulatory, exposing the symbiotic patterns of movement and dormancy within the main concourse of New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Foster’s work centres on emergent behaviour and the urban landscape. Heavily process oriented, very little of her work is a direct representation of captured environs. Rather, imagery is treated as data and re-presented to expose alternate information inherent to, but not visible in, the original dataset. Foster was recently nominated for the Leopold Godowsky Jr. Color Photography Awards at Boston University, and has been the recipient of more than 20 artist awards and grants including the Canada Council for the Arts, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Centre for Information Visualization and Data Driven Design. Her work has been exhibited in 16 countries world-wide, including Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, India, Korea, and Australia.  Tori Foster (b. 1982) holds an MFA with distinction in Documentary Media from Ryerson University (2009), and a BFA with honours in New Media from Ryerson University (2005).  

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