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The Machine Gunners, 2011-2012, recycled books on the topic of war, steel armature, plywood and steel base, steel wire, drywall screws, brad nails, wood glue, 85"x82"x24

Jarod Charzewski

November 8–January 26, 2013

For his exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery Charzewski will present several sculptures of various scales made of used war books. The exhibition consists of a similar motif of the landscapes made of used clothing, in his previous installation, however these pieces includes formations made of used books and points at the accumulation of old publications that most public and non-public institutions are facing.


While this installation includes earth and rock formations of various shapes and sizes all constructed of used books. The centerpiece of this exhibition is a group of three larger than life size army men titled The Machine Gunners. The almost seven foot tall figures are enlargements of the toy solider series from Airfix WWII American Infantry. This work pays homage to the true creators of these finely crafted works of art. 

For Charzewski, the inspiration to create these three sculptures comes from an unusual accumulation of war books. The fact that war was the most prominent topic in randomly accumulated books Americas’ obsession with warfare became the theme. This idea is emphasized in the base of each figure, each being made of books with the covers and titles exposed and completely legible. All of which directly or indirectly deal with warfare. 

Born in Winnipeg (Canada) 1970, Jarod Charzewski currently works and lives in South Carolina, (USA).  Charzewski’s work featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in USA and Canada including:  UCCS Galleries (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs); Kendall Art Gallery, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids Michigan (USA), The Niagara Artists Center, St Catharines, ON, Canada; The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada; Gallery 621, Tallahassee FL (USA), Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art, Charleston SC (USA), KultureKlash3, sculptural installation, 10 Store House Row North Charleston, SC (USA), KultureKlash2, video performance, 10 Store House Row North Charleston, SC (USA), Vortices, Trinity Square Video, Toronto (Canada). 

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