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Botto e Bruno


The primary motivation of Botto & Bruno is the concept of marginality, through the expression of problems pertaining to youth and urban and social decay. The images that the two artists create with video and photos are anti-realistic, obtained by the fitting of details from existing scenarios, but changed and falsified. A large red sky can so overwhelm an urban suburban landscape, where characters who do not show their faces are reflected in pools of water that reflect other images in a continuous game of references. They depict realistic universe, but at the same time it does not exist, so true as to be false, familiar yet completely alien and alienating.


"In the works of the two artists from Turin the meaning of existence seems to be suspended; you will hear echoes of reality through the power of the chromatic contrasts and thanks to alienating atmosphere generated by a dark and dense light of mystery that clashes with the ' apparent fragility of recovered individuals. at the center of the representation seems to manifest itself in any case an indecipherable conception and desperate existence, depicted in a painful dimension and distressing ". (Gianni Romano)

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