April 29, 2020

Jeremy Bailey hosts a webinar through Fresh Books, "I’m bringing together a crack team of creative genius friends for a webinar to help small businesses get unstuck during this pandemic.". Link Below.

Jeremy Bailey's Podcast, "Good Point"

April 27, 2020

Struggling to find art events and content during these unprecedented times? Jeremy Bailey and Rafael Rozendaal host a weekly podcast entitled Good Point, inviting artists and art professionals to discuss "art, technology and culture". The podcast is widely available through multiple platforms. Link below. 

Review: Filling The Klein Bottle

April 01, 2020

In the spring 2020 issue of Canadian Art, "Influence", Joy Xiang reviews Xuan Ye's three-part exhibition, Filling the Klein Bottle (updated April 1, 2020). "Through intentional collaboration with machines, Ye recoups agency. A low-frequency crackling permeated the small room of “The Oral Logic,” part of a generative music score Ye created with collaborator Jason Doell, like ASMR but in a register of minor terror.". Read more below.

COVID-19 Update

March 30, 2020

A brief update regarding gallery hours and other things during these strange times we are experiencing. Matilda Aslizadeh's exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery is not currently on view, as the gallery has shut their doors due to COVID-19. Pari Nadimi Gallery will also be closed temporarily until more information is released regarding public safety. 

We will continue to update both the news here and on our instagram as information becomes available to us. 

We sincerely hope everyone is staying well and staying safe during these times, and hope to see many of you on the other side of things. 

Moly and Kassandra

March 15, 2020

Matilda Aslizadeh's Moly and Kassandra will be on view at the Vancouver Art Gallery from March 23 - August 28, 2020. 


"Toronto Vancouver-based artist Matilda Aslizadeh’s engaging video and photographic installation Moly and Kassandra (2018) addresses the relationship between culture and resource extraction through the juxtaposition of economic statistics, divinations of the future and images of immense holes in the earth."

Image: Matilda Aslizadeh, Moly and Kassandra, 2018, 3-channel video installation with sound,

filling the Klein bottle (x) {, (y) {, and (z) { }}}

February 29, 2020

Xuan Ye and Wenxin Zhang's filling the Klein bottle (x) { continues at Varley Art Gallery in Markham until April 26, 2020.  Soon, filling the Klein bottle (y) { is to open at InterAccess March 5 continuing until May 9, and subsequently filling the Klein bottle (z) { }}} at Bunker 2 from March 15 to May 30, both in Toronto. The unique structure of this exhibition splits it into three parts, functioning as three separate exhibitions. Featured in What to See in 2020 on Canadian Art, Joy Xiang writes,

"What links memes, memory-making, tourism and neoliberal capitalist spectacle? I’m fascinated by the way curator Belinda Kwan makes complex connections that emerge as meaningful interpretations of the global, digital flows of our present. This multi-site exhibition, presented through a satirical travel agency, features Wenxin Zhang and Xuan Ye and explores how infinite scrolling (“image tourism”) and cyber dreaming affect an emotional and desirous understanding of space-time. "

Be sure to explore all three exhibitions, the links above and below contain more details. 

Image: Xuan Ye, The Spectacles Before Us Were Indeed Sublime (animation still), 2018. Two-channel 4K video (black-and-white, stereo) and galvanized plano-concave structure. Courtesy of the artist.

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