Felix Kalmenson


Felix Kalmenson (b.1987, St Petersburg, Russia) is a Toronto-based artist whose practice navigates installation, video, and performance. Kalmenson’s work variably narrates the liminal space of a researcher’s and artist’s encounter with landscape and archive. By bearing witness to everyday life, and hardening the more fragile vestiges of private and collective histories through their work, Kalmenson gives themself away to the cadence of a poem, always in flux. Kalmenson has exhibited internationally including at; Kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, Lativa), Blaffer Art Museum (Houston, Texas), Si Shang Art Museum (Beijing,China), Calvert 22 (London, England), Museum Abteiberg (Germany), ACAC (Aomori, Japan), New Gallery (Calgary, Alberta), Success (Perth, Australia), Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai, China), AGO (Toronto, Ontario), ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin, Germany), Aaran Gallery (Tehran, Iran), Le Cube (Rabat, Morocco), The Elizabeth Foundation (New York), La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs (Casablanca, Morocco), Centro Negra (Blanca, Spain), Gallery 44 (Toronto, Ontario), Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) and The New Gallery (Calgary, Alberta). 


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