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Jarod Charzewski


Charzewski's installations are designed to evoke a viewer’s inherent connection to preservation by exploring objects and their ability to be tethered to attachments and the resulting compulsions. These collections of objects and the attention that is placed on arrangement mirror the installations created in our everyday lives through the inability to throw things away. Charzewski's work investigates the transferring of animate sentiments to inanimate objects. The value put on objects that we humanistically continue to collect give us pleasure. That pleasure gives comfort and that comfort lends itself to compulsion.

Born in Winnipeg (Canada) 1970, Jarod Charzewski currently works and lives in South Carolina, USA.  His education includes: 2006 Advanced Metal Fabrication, Dunwoody Institute, Minneapolis MN (USA), 2005 M.F.A. Sculpture, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN (USA), 1996, B.F.A. Honours Sculpture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg (Canada). Charzewski’s work featured in numerous exhibition in USA and Canada some of the highlights for his 2008 exhibitions includes: Scarp, Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art, Charleston SC (USA), KultureKlash3, sculptural installation, 10 Store House Row North Charleston, SC (USA), KultureKlash2, video performance, 10 Store House Row North Charleston, SC (USA), Vortices, Trinity Square Video, Toronto (Canada). 

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