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Joe Hambleton



Canadian artist Joe Hambleton uses video and animation to explore the narrative potential of new media. Influenced by his study of other media such as film, literature, and videogames, Hambleton relies on structure and repetition to create work that blends the narrative experiments of the past with the technologies of the present.


The production techniques he utilizes constantly evolve to match the concept of his work. From classic cinematography, lighting and camera movement, to more modern compositing and effects, and a range of animation techniques (stop-motion, 2D, 3D), Hambleton is constantly pushing his understanding of time-based media to expand his storytelling capabilities. Recently, Hambleton has begun to apply computer programming to his video installations to further alter his process.


“In my attempt to find the perfect combination of image and sound to represent a moment in my life, I used computer programming to create something that was capable of going beyond my own physical and mental limitations. The result was a video that changes with each viewing, a work that is never finished, that may or may not find perfection, with or without my presence.”


The resulting works are deceptively simple, but with each successive viewing a profound understanding of the medium is demonstrated as the artist’s true intent slowly unveils itself. He hides himself deep in the structure of his videos and challenges his audience to discover their obscured significance.

Joe Hambleton was born in 1982 Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He studied at the University of Windsor and York University where he received his MFA in Visual Arts. He currently lives in Toronto where he teaches Digital Media at Centennial College and the Toronto School of Art. He has been exhibiting extensively nationally and internationally including: Perambulation, Toronto Canada (2019), Behind the Fourth Wall, Toronto, Canada (2015), Ensemble, l’Œil de Poisson, Quebec, Canada (2014). Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, Tribecca Cinema, New York, USA (2013). Kasseler Dokfest, Bali Kino, Kasell Germany (2013). Images Festival, Jackman Hall, Toronto, Canada, (2013). Magmart VI, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy (2011). Tiles VI, Musée d’art de Joliette, Joliette, Canada (2010). Fragments, Geborgen Kamers The Hague, Netherlands (2009). World One Minutes exhibition, Today Art Museum Beijing, China, (2008). Emirates Film Competition, Al-Dhafra Hall, Abu Dhabi (2007).