Peter Kingstone


b. 1974


Solo Exhibitions

2017                  Trying to Do Two Things at Once (Tales of the Minotaur), Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

2016                  I Have Something to Say, curated by Jennifer Ray, Clayton Staples Gallery, Wichita Sate                                            University, (Wichita, Kansas)

2014                  Identity Construction, curated by Karl-Gilbert Murray, International Festival of Film on Art                                            (Montreal, Quebec) 

2013                  Upright Stance, Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

       Living in 10 Easy Lessons, with Linda Duvall, Sporolbole (Sherbrooke, Québec)

       Sissies and Psychopaths, with Daryl Vocat, SNAP Gallery (Edmonton, Alberta)

       Living in 10 Easy Lessons, with Linda Duvall, Articule (Montreal, Québec)

       Meditations in an Emergency, curated by Ellyn Walker, Videofag (Toronto, Ontario)  


2012                  The Dumbells Take Derry, CCA Derry~Londonderry (Derry, Northern Ireland, UK)

                          Living in 10 Easy Lessons, with Linda Duvall, Gallery 44 (Toronto, Ontario)

                          Sissies and Psychopaths, with Daryl Vocat, Open Studio (Toronto, Ontario)


2010                  Sissies and Psychopaths, with Daryl Vocat, curated by Sally Frater, Hamilton Print Studio                                           (Hamilton, Ontario)

                          100 Stories About My Grandmother, Reframe Peterborough International Film Festival                                                (Peterborough, Ontario)

                          Sometimes I Have Something to Say, curated by Lee Henderson, Attaché Gallery (Vancouver,                                   British Columbia)


2009                  100 Stories About My Grandmother, Latitude 53 (Edmonton, Alberta)

       100 Stories About My Grandmother, Ace Art (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

       100 Stories about My Grandmother, Eastern Edge (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

        curated by Marcie Bronson, Rodman Hall, Brock University (St. Catherines, Ontario)

       100 Stories About My Grandmother, Gallery Connexion (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

       Them!, Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)


2008                  100 Stories About My Grandmother, Gallery TPW, supported by Contact Toronto Photography                                   Festival and Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival (Toronto, Ontario)


2006                  Liberty Leading the People, “Revolution Now”, Curated by Cynthia Foo (Rochester, New York)

                          Things I Can Put on My Head, Ministry of Casual Living (Victoria, British Columbia)


2004                  The Strange Case of Peter K., Support from York University & Vtape at 195 Bellwoods Ave.                                       (Toronto, Ontario)

                          One-a-Day, support from Trinity Square Video and Prefix Magazine at Prefix Institute for                                             Contemporary Art (Toronto, Ontario)


Selected Group Exhibitions


2012                  Some Things Last a Long Time, curated by Matthew Ryan Smith, McIntosh Gallery, Western                                     University (London, Ontario)


2011                  New Prints 2011/Winter, IPCNY (New York, New York)

                          Proud City, curated by Syrus Marcus Ware and Pride Toronto, TSA and online (Toronto, Ontario)


2010                  Archive and Everyday, Hamilton Artists Inc (Hamilton, Ontario)

                          Chronotopia X, SOMArts (San Francisco, California)


2009                  Circle Jerk Poster Project, Toronto, Winnipeg, & New York

       Storytelling(s), Modern Fuel Gallery (Kingston, Ontario)

       Eastern Edge, curated by Juliana Espana Keller (St. John’s, Newfoundland)


2008                  Communication: 100 Stories About My Grandmother, Definitely Superior Art Gallery (Thunder Bay,                           Ontario)

                          War Zones, curated by Sally Frater, A Space Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

                          Ninth Annual William Huffman Award for Excellence, curated by William Huffman, Urbanspace                                 Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)


2007                  Holy F**k IV, Galerie La Petite Mort Gallery (Ottawa, Ontario)

                          Cherry Blossom, Reactor Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

                          Pride Toronto Video Arts (Toronto, Ontario)


2006                  Me and My Friends Do Delacroix, La Grande Experience, part of Toronto, ScotiaBank Nuit                                         Blanche, presented by the French Embassy (Toronto, Ontario)


2005                  Circle Jerk, boxed set, launch at Petro Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)

                          Pot-Modern, Zsa Zsa Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)


2004                  Rumble on the Edge of Town, York University (Toronto, Ontario)

       Crossing Boundaries: Emerging Artists from Toronto, Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)

       Sacred/Profane, Red Head Gallery (Toronto, Ontario)


Feature Length Videos


2007                  The Astounding Adventures of Stongman and Quickboy — screened at 17th Annual Inside Out                                 Film and Video Festival


Selected Short Videos


2004                  So Jealous w/ Kevin Hegge — screened at 14th Annual Inside/Out Film and Video Festival, 2004


2003                  Battle in the Sand — screened at 14th Annual Inside/Out Film and Video Festival, screened at 19th                           Annual Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2003

       Join the Army — screened at AA Bronson’s Video Party, Pride Toronto, 2008, - screened at 17th            Annual Inside/Out Film and Video Festival, 2007- screened at 14th Annual Inside/Out Film and              Video Festival, 2004- screened at Antimatter 2004

       Looking Towards the Stars — screened at Keep Six Contemporary, curated by RM Vaughan, 2008        - screened at 13th Annual Inside/Out Film and Video Festival 2003 - screened at Nashville Gay              and Lesbian Film Festival 2003

       Breaking with John — screened at Keep Six Contemporary, curated by RM Vaughan, 2008 -                  screened at New Toronto Works, Pleasure Dome 2005 -screened at Spark Contemporary Art                  Space 2005 - screened at 14th annual Inside/Out Film and Video Festival 2004

       400 Lies and 1 Truth about Me — screened at Gallery Stratford part of Truth, Lies and Video Art            2004 - screened at Art Gallery of York University part of "A Very Personal Look: Toronto Video Art            from the 70s to the Present" 2005

Book Projects

2015                  Bedtime Stories, self-published

Selected Curatorial Projects


2005                  Making History: Construction of Queer Identity, City of Toronto, Pride Toronto Event, 125 King St.                               East


2002                  Admiration, Inside/Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, Toronto

                          Admiration, MIX Experimental Queer Media Festival, New York


2001                  I Hate You, BUS Gallery, Toronto

                          The Young and the Restless, A Space Gallery, Toronto

                          Long Hot Summer, A Space Gallery, Toronto

                          Lefty Show, A Space Gallery, Toronto




2017                  Peter Kingstone: Trying to do Two Things at Once. Exhibition review by Sunny Kim,

                          Artist Interview: Peter Kingstone, interviewed by Tak Pham, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto.

                          Must-See Nov 9 - 15, 2017 , Canadian Art, Toronto

2012                  Some Things Last a Long Time, Western Macintosh Gallery, London

                          Linda Duvall and Peter Kingstone, Gallery 44, Toronto


2010                  “A 21st-century Canadian Queer Cassavetes named Kingstone: Problems of Reception and                                     Canonization.”, Tom Waugh, 2009 SCMS Conference, Tokyo, Japan


2009                  “This ain’t your grandma’ living room”, Stacey Abramson, Winnipeg Free Press, September 20th,                               2009

       “One hundred stories to change a stereotype”, Brittany Thiessen, The Uniter, September 3rd 2009,        pg.11

       “Histoires de grands-mères”, Paul Ruban, La Liberté, 2 au 8 Septembre 2009, pg.15

       “A 21st century Canadian Queer Cassavetes named Kingstone: Problems of Reception and                  Canonization”, Thomas Waugh, presented at 2009 Society for Cinema & Media Studies, Tokyo,              Japan

       “Moving Pictures” Joan Sullivan, The Telegram, March 4th, 2009

       “Intergenerational Stories”, Kate Wallace, Telegraph Journal, Saturday, January 24th, 2009

       “Who’s My Granny”, Tara Chislett, The Aquinian, Vol. 73, Iss. 16, January 20th, 2009

       “To Grandma’s House We Go”, Mandy Espezel & Jill Stanton, See Magazine, January 15- 21,                  2009

        “’Grandma’ an easy topic to chat about”, Gilbert Bouchard, Edmonton Journal, Friday January,              23rd, 2009

        “Hustling the Wholesome Way: Peter Kingstone’s 100 Stories About My Grandmother”, Martin                 Otárola, Fuse Magazine, Vol.32, No.1

        “Prairie Artsters: Many Sides of the Story”, Amy Fung, Vue Weekly, February 5, 2009, Iss. #694


2008.                 “Peter Kingstone”, Jon Davies, “Canadian Art”, Winter 2008 Volume 25 Number 4, pg 118

       “No Man? No Problem!/Zaiden/Peter Kingstone” SexTV, Season 10, Episode 20 aired July 5,2008

       “Mystery and Memory”, Linda Maehans, The Thunder Bay Source, September 4th, 2008

       “Trash to treasures”, Leah Sandals, National Post, Saturday May 31st, 2008

       “From Cocks to Cookies: Everyone has a grandmother, even sex workers”, Sholem Krishtalka,                XTRA!, no 614, May 8th 2008, pg 31

       “Midnight Grandma” Paul Bellini, fab, #345, May 1-14th, 2008 pg 27

       “Zeroing in on War Zones”, Leah Sandals, Now Magazine February 6th- February 12th

       “Akimblog” Terence Dick, January 31st 2008

       “Three New Galleries Put Conflicts in Context”, Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, January, 3rd 2008


2006                  The Romance of Transgression in Canada : Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas by Thomas                               Waugh, McGill-Queen's University Press 2006 pg 467


2004                  “Cynthia F. interviews Peter K.”, Cynthia Foo, Fuse Magazine v.27 no.3,

                          “There’s no obsession like self-obsession”, Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, July 24th, 2004

       “Boys of Summer”, Xtra Magazine, July 22, 2004

       “Delectable Diva”, Bill Clarke,, July 2004

       “So Self Absorbed”, MIX Magazine, Spring 2004

       “Video Virgins Deflowered”, Matt Thomas, fab, May 6th, 2004

       “Peter Kingstone et son double: The Strange Case of Peter K”, Jacquet Hugues, exporevue                  magazine, www,, April, 2004

       “Love is in the Air”, Gordon Bowness, Xtra Magazine. Apr.29th, 2004

       “Flickering Liquor”, Jon Davies, Xtra Magazine, April 1st, 2004

       “New Works at Pleasuredome” Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, January 29th, 2004


2002                  “Inside Out Picks”, Gordon Bowness, Xtra Magazine, May 17th 2002

                          “Chic Peek”, Thomas Hirschmann, NOW Magazine, Jun.27th, 2002


2001                  “Dancing on Lenin’s Tomb”, RM Vaughan, Eye Magazine, September, 20th, 2001


Awards and Grants


2011                  Toronto Arts Council Level 2 Media Arts Grant


2010                  Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, Sissies and Psychopaths


2008                  Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, 100 Stories About My Grandmother

                          Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant, War Zones


2007                  Toronto Arts Council Level 2 Media Arts Grant

                          Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Council Mid-Career and Established


2006                  Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Grant


2005                  Untitled Art Awards 2004- Best Show in an Alternate Space in Toronto

                          Toronto Arts Council Emerging Media Arts Grant

                          Ontario Arts Council Emerging Film/Video Grant



2017                  Anima Casa Rural, San Isidro Mazatepec, Mexico

2016                  Unpack Studio, Havana, Cuba

2012                  VOID, Derry, Northern Ireland

2010                  Self-directed Residency, The Banff Centre, Alberta




1997                  Honours B.A., Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Trent University


2004                  Masters of Fine Art, York University

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