Sarah Farndon


Sarah Farndon’s sculptures are an exploration of the human face, it's imperfections and myriad expressions. By illustrating both the grotesque and beautiful Farndon seeks to show the innate beauty of the human visage. Farndon primarily works in polymer clay which allows her to create new and challenging techniques. The interaction between viewer and sculpture plays a key role in her work. Through these interactions the sculptures gain meaning by forcing the viewer to question the human condition and imbue the artwork with a sense of history and humanity. 

Sarah Farndon was born in Toronto, Canada (1987) and studied at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.  She has been exhibiting her work since 2007.  Her recent solo exhibitions include Punchline, Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, ON), Prison and Plinth, Cambridge Galleries (Cambridge, Ontario) in 2013, 2 of 2 Gallery in 2012 and 2 of 2 Gallery 2010. Punch Line is Sarah Farndon’s first solo exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery.  

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