Tori Foster


Tori Foster (b. 1982) is a Toronto-based conceptual artist whose work extracts the invisible from the visible. Through video, photography, and installation, Foster unearths the emergent behaviour (complex systems that arise from simple interactions) of vehicular traffic, pedestrian movement, and plant and animal activity in urban and natural environments. Treating her source material like data and subjecting it to actions that expose alternate information inherent to (but not visible in) the original imagery, her methods approach scientific precision while reaching for poetic and philosophical gains.


Foster earned an MFA and a BFA from Ryerson University in Toronto, and was based in Los Angeles as Assistant Professor and the Head of Video/Digital Art at California State University, Northridge, until moving back to Canada in 2017 where she is now Assistant Professor in the School of Image arts and the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University. She has received dozens of grants and awards including a Concept to Realization grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in 2017 for the production of The Alchemist Husband, a kinetic representation of wheat that can be genetically edited through user engagement. Her work has been presented in 16 countries world-wide, including Germany, India, Korea, Australia, Brazil, and the USA, and is held in numerous private and corporate collections.


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